Ubuntu Feisty is out!

19 04 2007

Just a minute ago:


EDIT: Those where the correct Feisty ISOs, http://www.ubuntu.com/ links to them with the same md5sums

EDIT: Its still up in the air if this is actually the final release or not.

The iso that is up now is in the directory where you would expect to find a final release and it is being mirrored to other servers.

The md5sums are the same from the 15th livecd and the timestamp is also the 15th (except for the torrent which is the 19th but the tracker is down), this would happen if there weren’t any changes from the 15th build because it worked fine.

Ops in the #ubuntu channels keep telling everyone that its not ‘released’ yet, saying wait for the official announcement, but if they mean that it hasn’t been ‘official decreed’ from the powers above so its technically not released or if they mean that the file in the iso directory isn’t the correct version. It’s also possible that the file is probably the final, but there is a slight chance of it being changed right at the last minute.

I can’t really see why its in the folder if its not the final release unless there is a mirror system the can handle binary differences between the isos, so that putting up an out of date version will mean that the mirror only have to download the small difference allowing them to get it quicker.

So it may or may not be the final release, I’ve got it downloading, I’ll check the md5sums when its actually released to see if it changes or not.




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