Linux/MacOSX/Windows/Vista desktop usage percentages

23 08 2008

I was looking at some of the data from the w3counter and thought I would graph it out.

OS desktop usage % (Grouped)
Here we can see that the usage changes very slowly, Windows does have a slight overall decline and both Linux and MacOS have increased slightly.

Linux vs Mac vs Vista %
This shows an increase in both OSX and Linux usage up until Vista overtakes them, then they both level off, its interesting that the 2 coincide, possibly due to large scale acceptance of Vista. Mac usage seems to have fallen off slightly more than Linux usage although both are still higher than they where but not gaining as much ground as they where.




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11 09 2009

How would this graph look now in 2009 with the advent of netbooks, many of which have Linux desktops?

21 09 2009

The graph ended with Linux at %1.91 in Jul 2008, over 2009 Linux went up to about %2.22 in Nov of 2008 but then went back down to %1.97 by Aug 2009 (although it respiked to %2.16 over that time). I think overall a minor increase with the %1.97 being unusually low, %2.5-2.10 seems like a more overall average value. Still fairly slow growth rate.

Biggest change is Windows XP lost %10 (~%77-60) in converts to Vista (~%8-22). And Windows 7 came in with %1.69 (of course it’s not really arrived yet so expect a big boost when the OEMs start shipping and people jump over Vista).

Mac had a fairly large solid increase, went from %4.58 to %7.11.

Might redraw the graphs later if I get time with Win7 added.

21 09 2009

Great stats – thanks for that! Sorry to see the low figures for Linux though 😦

Loving your blog 🙂

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